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Writing The Torch Betrayal, the first in a series of novels that feature OSS Agent Conor Thorn, allowed me to immerse myself in the cataclysmic, world-shaping event of World War II — a subject that has fascinated me since my youth.

The period of the 1930’s and the war years of 1939 to 1945, to this day, still produce multitudes of histories, stories, biographies, and memoirs. The availability of once secret documents from the archives of Great Britain, the United States and other countries involved in the conflict have proved to be a trove of fascinating facts and information.

Over the years, in my research of World War II, I have often come across little known facts that seem to tell only a part of a story leaving me wondering what the missing parts of the story were. The premise for The Torch Betrayal was inspired by just such a fact—a top secret document that contained key directives for the invasion of North Africa, Operation Torch, went missing during a microfilming process used to compile General Eisenhower’s wartime diary. I learned of this incident while reading My Three Years with Eisenhower by Captain Harry C. Butcher, Eisenhower’s naval aide and close confidant. Ike and Butcher’s alarm over the missing document was high for obvious reasons. But Butcher never discloses whether the document was ever located. This lack of information as to the missing document captivated me.  The Torch Betrayal is my story as to the race to find the document before Allied task forces set sail from the US and England for the beaches of North Africa.

The second book in the Conor Thorn series is also inspired by an actual event—the disappearance of a Polish engineer who possessed top-secret information as to the British government’s successful efforts in cracking the German military codes.

After thirty-seven years in the broadcasting industry, most years spent in Washington, DC, my wife Chris and I moved back to Park City, Utah where I have been writing full time. We have three children, Thomas, Michael and Riley. All live and work on the East Coast and visit Park City whenever they can.

I am an associate member of the International Thriller Writers, and The OSS Society. I attended Villanova University and graduated from Boston University. I look fondly on my years growing up in the great state of New Jersey.

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