“Brilliantly researched and filled with fascinating characters from the pages of history, Glenn Dyer once again brings World War II espionage to life in his latest Conor Thorn thriller.The Ultra Betrayal exceeds all expectations. I’m a fan! Read it today!”

— Jack Carr, New York Times bestselling author of Savage Son
“A tantalizing premise set among the ominous atmosphere of World War II, there’s sizzle and plot twists galore — more than enough to satisfy any thriller reader.  Enjoy this latest in the Conor Thorn series.” 

     —Steve Berry New York Times and #1 Internationally Bestselling Author
“The Ultra Betrayal is blessed with a plot that zings along like a ricocheting bullet that finds it’s mark in the last electrifying pages. Meticulously researched and filled with fascinating characters, this one is sure to please.”  

         —James R. Benn Author of the Billy Boyle Mystery Series
“Conor Thorn is back with a vengeance in Glenn Dyer’s compelling new World War II thriller, The Ultra Betrayal.  This time out, Thorn is on the hunt for a missing cryptographer before the Nazis get their hands on his secrets. But the enemy may be closer than Thorn thinks. History and thriller lovers alike will stay up reading late into the night until the final breathtaking twist. Don’t miss this one!” 

— Anthony Franze, Author of The Outsider
“The Ultra Betrayal is a masterful historical spy thriller where morality pushes people to their breaking points . . . The cast is staggering in both its number and variety;all characters are developed in clear terms, though whom can be trusted—aside from Emily and Conor—is always in question.”

— Foreword Clarion Reviews - 5 out of 5 Rating
“... Dyer brings a fresh setting to a familiar historical period: Readers likely don’t think immediately of Sweden when the subject is WWII. The novel’s narrative is well-balanced between talk and action, and Dyer’s crisp prose moves the story along at a brisk clip. Eve, in particular, is an intriguing character, and history buffs will enjoy seeing historical figures, including Ian Fleming and Alan Turing, make appearances . . . The Ultra Betrayal offers much to enjoy for fans of historical espionage.”  

— Blue Ink Reviews
“Glenn Dyer's THE ULTRA BETRAYAL is a classic spy thriller, with all the adrenaline-fueled action scenes, daring rescues, brave and resourceful secret agents (both male and female), and plot twists that such a thriller demands. Ian Fleming would likely approve . . .The author has clearly done his research, and the historical setting is accurately-presented and thoroughly immersive . . . All in all, it's an enjoyable and lively read, particularly for those who enjoy military history and classic spy movies. IR Verdict: Glenn Dyer's THE ULTRA BETRAYAL is a historically-accurate, action-packed World War II spy thriller with enough daring adventure and carefully-prepared plot twists to keep the reader avidly turning pages until the final conclusion.

— Indie Reader
“Dyer’s detailed prose excels at evoking the feel of World War II spycraft . . .The book features the requisite historical cameos—Alan Turing, Edward R. Murrow, Ian Fleming—and plenty of cloak-and-dagger encounters, which will please readers .. . fans of this genre will enjoy Dyer’s handling of the setting and the tropes.”

— Kirkus Reviews

One man’s dark deal with the Nazis could bring the Allies to their knees…

Autumn, 1942. rule breaking OSS Agent  Conor Thorn  heads to help the Allied war effort when a key Swedish cryptographer stationed in the UK goes missing, Thorn is determined to find him before critical information falls into enemy hands. But his MI6 colleague vanishes trailing the code-breaker to Stockholm, plunging Thorn into a sinister Nazi conspiracy.

Suspicious of the cypher’s wife and racing against time to prevent damaging leaks, Thorn mounts a daring operation. But if the bold agent’s plan fails, he risks compromising Allied tactics and jeopardizing thousands of valiant lives.

Can Thorn stop prized secrets from triggering more wartime carnage?

The Ultra Betrayal is the second novel in the thrilling Conor Thorn spy series. If you like harrowing historical drama, riveting espionage, and fast-paced action, then you’ll love Glenn Dyer’s well-researched World War II adventure.