THE Unquiet Genius

Praise for The Torch Betrayal

“Atmospheric and tense, with plenty of treachery and a heavy dose of history. What more could you ask for in a thriller? Take a walk on the perilous side and check this one out.” 

     — Steve Berry New York Times and #1 Internationally Bestselling Author
“The disappearance in 1942 of a page from a secret document concerning Operation Torch ... drives Dyer's suspenseful espionage thriller ... Jack Higgins fans will find a lot to like.”  

         — Publisher's Weekly
“Welcome to 1942. Glenn Dyer is your tour guide to the world of spies and betrayal in the lead-up to the Allied Invasion of North Africa. You're in good hands, so settle back and enjoy the fireworks.” 

James R. Benn, author of The Devouring, A Billy Boyle WWII Mystery
“Crisp writing, plot reveals that pop like firecrackers, and cinematic excitement... The Torch Betrayal is the best mix of genre standards from a fresh voice.”

— Foreword Reviews
The Torch Betrayal is a taut and terrific World War II spy thriller, a deadly cat-and-mouse game through Allied and German back-channels. Glenn Dyer's story keeps the reader on edge from the beginning through the gripping twists and turns, and then to the explosive ending, a tremendously successful tale of suspense.”  

James Thayer, author of House of Eight Orchids
"What sets Dyer's book (The Torch Betrayal) apart from the others in the genre is his unfailing attention to historical detail and great writing."

— The BookLife Prize
“A classic spy story in the vein of John Le Carré or Daniel Silva.”

— BlueInk Reviews
“A well-crafted espionage tale set during World War II.”

— Kirkus Reviews
"In this highly entertaining tale... Dyer has hit all the notes in the thriller genre.”

— IndieReader Reviews


A scientist in hiding. A race to the ultimate weapon. Can a bold operative crush Nazi plans before he’s taken out by a Luger bullet?

December, 1942. Conor Thorn will stop at nothing to end Hitler’s terror. So when a brilliant nuclear physicist is discovered holed up in Italy, the elite OSS agent reunites with his MI6 counterpart and slips behind enemy lines on a recruitment mission. Now pitted against rival forces also on the hunt, Thorn is hell-bent on preventing the key to an atomic weapon from falling into ruthless Nazi hands.

With the clock ticking on the escalating war, his operation falls under threat when his objective proves elusive. And as Russia, a double-dealing Italian monsignor, and the Vatican all converge on the reluctant theoretician’s hideaway, Thorn struggles to keep clear of an ever-tightening deadly trap.

Can he deliver victory to the Allies before the world goes up in flames?

The Unquiet Genius is the third book in the pulse-pounding Conor Thorn spy series. If you like resolute heroes, nail-biting action, and
genocidal global stakes, then you’ll love Glenn Dyer’s historically inspired thrill-ride.

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