Trust No One

"Gripping WWII espionage thriller rich in history and suspense."
— BookLife Reviews
"...a propulsive, masterfully crafted WWII thriller." 

     —Chris Wallace,  Veteran journalist, CNN anchor and bestselling author
"A series entry that offers thrills, intriguing locations, and brash heroics.”  

         —Kirkus Reviews
"...suspense and surprising twists and turns ..." 

— BookLife Reviews
"Dyer immerses readers in daring infiltrations, military secrets, dirty politics, and the unexpected."
— BookLife Reviews
"Trust No is hugely immersive."
— The Book Commentary
"...the realism Dyer spins within his novels is pure genius."

— J. R. Olson CDR, US Navy (ret.)Co-author with David Bruns of the WMD Files and the Command and Control Series
"A gritty and visceral historical thriller..."
— The Independent Review of Books

Loyalists meant to rid their country of a double-dealing collaborator.
Instead, they created a threat that could destroy Allied unity.

Algiers. Winter 1942. Conor Thorn is devastated. He's been fired from the OSS. His wife, Emily, has been fired from MI6. They allowed their morals to bend certain truths concerning the outcome of their last mission. Forever dedicated to defeating Axis powers, these skilled operatives jump at the chance to secretly help General Eisenhower deal with a political time bomb threatening Allied harmony and to redeem their honorable standing. To recover a rumored archive holding the truth about an assassination plot, they must travel deep into perilous Axis territory.

In the crosshairs of those determined to keep the information out of Allied hands, Conor and Emily fall victim to a violent assault. Though the resulting injuries leave him severely concussed and confused, Conor refuses to stand down while his beloved ventures deeper into danger.

Can Conor and Emily piece together a political puzzle in time to keep Allied unity from fracturing?

Trust No One is the high intensity, gritty fourth book in the Conor Thorn WWII espionage series inspired by true events. If you like heart-pounding action and white-knuckled tension, then you'll love Glenn Dyer's thrill ride through history.

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