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You are receiving this newsletter because you have subscribed to and received the short story, A Visit to the Ogre in His Den. I hope you enjoyed the story. I spent a great deal of time researching the August 1942 meeting between PrimeMinister Winston Churchill and Premier Joseph Stalin that took place in Moscow.


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For the past year I have been working on the second installment in the Conor Thorn Series currently entitled The Ultra Betrayal. This story follows Conor Thorn and Emily Bright as they are handed their next mission just days after completing their assignment to locate a top secret document that detailed the invasion of NorthAfrica – Operation Torch, before it fell into the hands of the Nazi regime. The Torch Betrayal, my debut novel, and its sequel are both inspired by true events that I uncovered in the research ofWorld War II that I have conducted over the past several decades.


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